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My name is Kristina O'Connell.

I am a marketer, mother of three daughters and I am passionate about life, my family and career.  

High risk. High reward. Is there any other way?


I have spent my entire career in marketing - jump starting early stage technology companies, driving growth through brand and establishing industry leadership. I simply love what I do. Start-ups and early stage companies are in my DNA. I have the fabric to be strategic and tactical in fast paced environments. I get it done. I am here to solve problems and reach goals, so businesses can thrive. 

Many moving parts, so let’s get on brand.


Your story starts with your customers. They tell you what your brand is. Let's listen to them. Let's hear from your employees and partners. We will build a brand guide to keep your business on message and on track. 

You'll be surprised with the results when everyone is singing the same song. It impacts business, culture and growth. 

"Work harder than others and success finds you."

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